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Capitol Hill Block Party: crammed, sweaty, and awesome

By Christine Mitchell Photos by Alex Crick It was a dark and stormy week in Seattle . . . but lo, the rain and clouds departed with near perfect timing as Capitol Hill Block Party got underway on Friday afternoon. It was almost as if it had been planned that way by a higher power, […]

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Seattle Keeps Calm and Chives on at Chive Fest 2014

By John Lill At the beginning of this month it seemed that no one had heard of Chive Fest. With little to no visual marketing, it felt more like “Waynestock” from Wayne’s World 2, in which the title character attempts to impress his girlfriend by creating a big-name concert festival out of mid-air. But Chive […]

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Mushroomhead at Mayhem Festival (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

MAYHEM FESTIVAL Shows Unstoppable in the Heat for Die-Hard Metal Fans

By Mocha Charlie For those that don’t already know, I really enjoy shooting “metal” shows. It gives me more opportunities to photograph something outside of the “normal rock shows;” and I also get to spend time sharing the experience with my oldest son. We (along with the other 15K+ fans) braved the near-100 degree heat […]

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Foster the People at SASQUATCH! 2014 (Photo by Arlene Brown)

SASQUATCH! 2014: An insider’s view

By Christine Mitchell  Photos by Arlene Brown and Christine Mitchell AT SASQUATCH! AND NEARING FORTY “I’m too old for this shit,” said the photographer next to me. It was Sunday at SASQUATCH! Music Festival. I wrinkled my eyebrows at him. “Hey,” I said. “I’m older than YOU.” But you know, he was kind of right […]

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The Everett Fisherman’s Village Festival: A look back (Photo Slideshow)

By Christine Mitchell Photos by Arlene Brown The life of the rocktographer and attached writer may seem glamorous to some. Granted, we are sometimes allowed into special areas at shows, and yeah, we get in for free. That’s pretty swank. But most of us truly do it for the love of the music and for […]

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Flight to Mars 2014: still crazy after all these years

By Christine Mitchell Photos by Arlene Brown Mike McCready’s UFO cover band Flight to Mars has been playing a benefit show for Crohn’s disease and Colitis research (specifically CCFA Camp Oasis and the Jennifer Jaff Center) for twelve years, now. And while the cause is a great one, I have to admit that I was rather skeptical: […]

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TIMBRRR! Winter Music Festival In Leavenworth: A musical hot toddy (Photo Slideshow)

by Christine Mitchell photos by Arlene Brown I was as giddy as a teenager when photographer Arlene Brown and I headed over Stevens Pass to Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival in Leavenworth last Friday. Hell, I had even borrowed my mom’s car (which wasn’t in the teenager bomber-car trade-up kind of way, more in the ‘my […]

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Looking Back On Day 1 Of Chinook Fest 2013 (PHOTOS)

by Xander Deccio When people ask me about Chinook Fest, the only answer I can give them is one word… Crazygonuts! Yes I used a term that Strong Bad from Homestar Runner coined but you see that’s just it, Chinook Fest is crazygonuts. This years festival took it to a whole new level of any […]

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Looking back on Bumbershoot 2013: Days 2 and 3 Highlights (Photos)

Photos by Greg Roth & Jason Tang Capturing the entire Bumbershoot experience is a daunting task some times it takes a few days to process the various sights and sounds as well as process photos (Thank you Greg and Jason). How do you explain the feeling of going from a hot-glue robot art exhibit while […]

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Looking back on Bumbershoot 2013: Day 1 Highlights (Photos)

by Dusty Henry Photos by Greg Roth Instead of easing in to the weekend, Bumbershoot started with a wallop of talent this year. BUMBERSHOOT 2013: CLASSIC AND EMERGING ARTISTS ON TAP (VIDEOS) BUMBERSHOOT 2013: YOU CAN’T EAT IT ALL Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar gave a fierce performance at Key Arena. The crowd was still reeling […]

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Looking back on Sasquatch! 2013 and forward to Sasquatch! 2014 (Photo Slideshows)

by Greg Roth Photos by Greg Roth and Xander Deccio Well, it is hard to believe it has been a month since Sasquatch! 2013 took place at the beautiful Gorge, in a little slice of heaven called Quincy, Washington (State that is). Like past years, the festival offered up an eclectic blend of rock, hip […]

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SMI Notes From The Road: SXSW 2013 PT. 4

Derek Aubert was recently out on the Road with Seattle’s Fox and The Law and shares some tales from his experience touring with the band and SXSW 2013. This is part the final chapter from his recent adventure (Part 4 of 4) SMI NOTES FROM THE ROAD: FOX AND THE LAW AT SXSW PT. 3 SMI NOTES FROM THE […]

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