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SMI New Album Review: World Peace is None of Your Business by Morrissey

By Brent Stavig Morrissey’s tenth solo album (World Peace is None of Your Business, on Harvest Records) is an odd hodge-podge of studio tinkering, random sound effects, half-completed songs, Spanish guitar, and brilliant vocals. I’m hard-pressed to recall a more non-linear record, or one that sounds like it’s actually being thrown together while you’re listening to […]

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SMI Album Review: Lana Del Rey ‘Ultraviolence’

by Chris Senn Lana Del Rey wants the world to know how sad and miserable she is. It’s evident on her sad and miserable downer of a new album, Ultraviolence, (Interscope) that she has little confidence in her voice, trying hard to bury it amongst the noise. Her voice is weak and literally every song […]

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SMI Album Review: Damon Albarn ‘Everyday Robots’

By Chris Senn World, meet Damon Albarn. Chances are you already know and listen to his music even if you don’t recognize the name. He wears many musical masks and while his compositions are widely heard Damon Albarn the man, the name sits back obscured in the background. Albarn is the mastermind behind Blur and […]

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SMI Album Review: Eels ‘The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett’

By Chris Senn For over two decades now the music of Mark Oliver Everett (Mr. E) has served as the melancholy backbone of the alternative rock landscape. He’s been regaling us with tales of heartbreak and tragedy on every Eels album since the mid-nineties with impressive quality and consistency. The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver […]

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Coldplay Tones It Down … For Better Or Worse

By Alicia Kameick You either hate Coldplay and heap scorn upon them, or you like them and feel the need to peevishly defend them and/or your musical taste in the face of the former. Well, I’m in the latter group. I really like Coldplay. (So there! Nyah!) But man, I wish I liked their new […]

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V. Contreras Live at Gene Juarez Seattle (Photo Slideshow)

  By Bill Bungard Intimate CD release listening party at Gene Juarez in Seattle? I’m there!  This private listening soiree on April 15 of V. Contreras‘s self titled inaugural CD met, and at times exceeded ,my expectations.  Victoria’s timeless contemporary ’60s look with the powerfully resonating mixture of jazz and Patsy Cline / Amy Winehouse-like […]

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SMI New Music Preview: Rick Ross ‘Mastermind’ (Full Album – You Tube)

by Billy Valentine You want a taste of Mastermind? Here you go: Bugatti stacks, Dom Perignon VIP booths, Benzo-to-Enzo come-ups and BitchesCokeMurderEngineRev. This should sound familiar to you by now because Big Boss Ross has been doing the gaudy Gotti shtick for years. He’s tapped into the lavish mentality, practically bottled the jet-set essence and […]

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SMI New Music Preview: Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once

by Alicia Kamenick Sparkly Australian pop sprite Kylie Minogue knows her audience, and always brings a decent collection of shiny dance pop. Collaborating with the ubiquitous Sia and Pharrell Williams (among others), her new album Kiss Me Once mostly delivers the goods. Opener “Into the Blue” is a highlight, as is the Pharrell-produced “I Was […]

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SMI New Music Preview: Beck – Morning Phase

By Christine Mitchell From the opening strains of “Cycle,” Beck’s Morning Phase (Capitol) plays out as its titular title indicates. Beginning with the sounds the sun’s rays might make as they break over the horizon, the album captures those earliest moments of the day that come after a long night of darkness, both literal and […]

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SMI New Music Preview: Lea Michele’s ‘Louder’

by Katrina Charles When Glee began airing on Fox in 2009, everyone was stunned by the powerful vocals of fairly unknown actress Lea Michele. With a knack for melding theatrics and popular music, she was a key element in the show’s success and the main reason their version of “Don’t Stop Believing” was on repeat […]

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by Jessica Kaminski 4 years after their debut album, power-duo Broken Bells have released a sophomore album that delivers beautifully produced electro-pop songs. The album’s title ‘After the Disco‘ alludes to the post-party crash that follows an epic night of celebration. But the title also foreshadows the seeming influences of the post-disco era. At first blush, the […]

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SMI New Music Preview: Drive-by Truckers ‘English Oceans’

By Jessica Kaminski English Oceans is the twelfth installment in the prolific Drive-By Truckers’ catalog and is a straightforward country rock album.  The band is solid and in sync, the songs have sturdy arrangements, but the album doesn’t pull any punches. While the lyrics teeter on the verge of being overly elementary, they are poetic […]

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