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Shark The Herald

Shark The Herald: debut album premiere, release party Friday

By Christine Mitchell “Escape Route,” the opening track off Shark The Herald’s debut This is That…and That is for You (Soniphone), is a slowburner that starts off with a Pearl Jam-esque riff and digresses into bluesy, psychedelic dirge territory, a theme that continues throughout the album. Spare, dark lyrics and a propensity to jam are Shark […]

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Bush at House of Blues Boston (Photo by Arlene Brown) (9)

Bush returns to the stage in Boston! (Photo slideshow)

  By Arlene Brown Bush fans, this is the tour for you! The band is showing off their new stuff from their latest album, Man on the Run, along with chart-toppers of yore. It’s filled with the classic sounds of Gavin Rossdale’s voice, Chris Traynor’s guitar, Corey Britz’s bass, and Robin Goodridge on drums. Playing […]

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Planes On Paper's The Ruins

Planes On Paper: The Ruins EP and release party announced

By Christine Mitchell Planes On Paper’s folky music is deceptive in the best possible way. The Ruins (out Jan. 1), the band’s second EP, immediately embraces the listener with the pedal steel’s warm molasses sound. Navid Eliot and Jen Borst’s singular harmonies curl around each other like smoke: a beautiful burnt offering slithering skyward on […]

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New Politics at The Neptune (Photo by Arlene Brown)

New Politics leaves us speechless in Seattle (Photo Slideshow)

By Arlene Brown When a band is so taken with a crowd that words can’t express their love of a city and its people, well, there’s not much to say. That’s how New Politics felt during and after their unbelievable set at Neptune Theatre on November 6. As part of their Everywhere I Go (Kings and […]

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Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney help you celebrate The Banner Days

By Katrina Charles There’s something so magical about the chemistry that Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney bring to their first joint effort The Banner Days. Typically solo artists, Loomis and Whitney have brought their own unique styles to this project that covers the spectrum of thoughtfully beautiful ballads such as “My Beloved” to joyfully upbeat tunes […]

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Album Review: U2 – Songs of Innocence

By Alicia Kamenick U2 is not a band that works fast. Since 2009 (the year their last album was released, the occasionally exciting, but baffling in its inconsistency, No Line On the Horizon), Bono has given sound bites about up to three new albums in the works. When 2014 rolled around, things finally seemed to […]

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(SMI TV) The Vinyl Junky – The Music Box Review

By Xander Deccio Being we have SMI Radio. We are now debuting SMI TV, our new YouTube channel. One of the first series debuting is none other than The Vinyl Junky. TVJ is a comedy-based review show where not only does he review new albums and reviews products, but will also review (and make fun […]

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SMI New Album Review: World Peace is None of Your Business by Morrissey

By Brent Stavig Morrissey’s tenth solo album (World Peace is None of Your Business, on Harvest Records) is an odd hodge-podge of studio tinkering, random sound effects, half-completed songs, Spanish guitar, and brilliant vocals. I’m hard-pressed to recall a more non-linear record, or one that sounds like it’s actually being thrown together while you’re listening to […]

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SMI Album Review: Lana Del Rey ‘Ultraviolence’

by Chris Senn Lana Del Rey wants the world to know how sad and miserable she is. It’s evident on her sad and miserable downer of a new album, Ultraviolence, (Interscope) that she has little confidence in her voice, trying hard to bury it amongst the noise. Her voice is weak and literally every song […]

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SMI Album Review: Damon Albarn ‘Everyday Robots’

By Chris Senn World, meet Damon Albarn. Chances are you already know and listen to his music even if you don’t recognize the name. He wears many musical masks and while his compositions are widely heard Damon Albarn the man, the name sits back obscured in the background. Albarn is the mastermind behind Blur and […]

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SMI Album Review: Eels ‘The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett’

By Chris Senn For over two decades now the music of Mark Oliver Everett (Mr. E) has served as the melancholy backbone of the alternative rock landscape. He’s been regaling us with tales of heartbreak and tragedy on every Eels album since the mid-nineties with impressive quality and consistency. The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver […]

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Coldplay Tones It Down … For Better Or Worse

By Alicia Kameick You either hate Coldplay and heap scorn upon them, or you like them and feel the need to peevishly defend them and/or your musical taste in the face of the former. Well, I’m in the latter group. I really like Coldplay. (So there! Nyah!) But man, I wish I liked their new […]

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