Kristen and Carrie Watt have real love and pure passion for well-crafted music and artists that touch the heart and soul. It is out of that passion that they decided to host live concerts in a living room. Thus was born Seattle Living Room Shows. The homegrown and organic concert series is a unique way to see a live concert in the Seattle area.

All of the shows take place in a home setting or a “secret” Seattle venue where you will be face to face with some of the best up and coming musicians from around the country.

The Watt sisters provide an intimate setting for both musician and listener, which they feel, brings the music back to where it should be. No big stages, PA systems or light rigs, just a pure musical experience that connects fans to the music and music to the fans.

Every musician that they have had so far has said that the living room or “secret show” experience is one of their favorite ways to perform. The people that come through our doors say it is their favorite way to see live music. If you haven’t attended one of our shows yet, you most definitely should.

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Simply put, the Melodic Caring Project brings the gift and joy of music by streaming live concerts to hospitalized kids and teens via UStream.

Their Mission…

Music is effective. It has the power to transform one’s demeanor from depressed and discouraged to joyful and lighthearted. I’ve seen sick, injured and even terminal patients smile and relax.

MCP is driven by the husband and wife team of Stephanie and Levi Ware. They have seen first-hand that people from other cultures and ethnicities respond to songs with lyrics they couldn’t even understand because music can be felt and understood

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Artist Home is a company inspired by community and art. They do all we can to promote both. Artist Home is a booking agency and production company created by a former touring musicians for touring musicians.

Artist Home puts on a unique series of music events like: Timber! Outdoor Music Festival, Timberrr! Winter Music Festival, Doe Bay Fest, Slack Fest and Summer Bonfire Series.

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396813_459634970727505_648600966_nNWCZ Radio’s goal is to bring you the best in northwest independent music whether it be rock, punk, hip/hop, techno, blues, jazz, r&B, funk etc. The majority of the music you hear on our station is by independent artists who deserve to be heard by a broader audience. You can go out and see them on any given weekend around this great northwest and now you can hear them on NWCZ Radio as well. We define the Northwest as including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and surrounding areas. If you are an independent artist and would like to be heard please contact us at and we’ll let you know how to get your music to us so we can get it to the people! Listen in, tell your friends and let’s all join the independent radio revolution!!!!!!”

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Mission: To highlight the people you believe in with more powerful tools of support.Vision: Help millions produce, perfect, and present their art, while relieving the burden of process.

SMI Radio records all of its live sessions at the Critical Sun Radio Studios. 

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Music Aid Northwest is an an organization that is passionate and committed to to helping further the cause of music education throughout the state of Washington.

Music Aid Northwest’s efforts lead to the signing of House Bill 1329 which makes it possible to create and sell “Music Matters” special license plates to benefit music education programs in state schools.

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