Contact Create

Contactcreate has provided recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and original music content to the recording industry for over 15 years. Based in Seattle, Washington, we have worked with hundreds of recording artists, many of whom have gone on to sign major recording and production deals with well-known shops such as Sony Music and Sup Pop Records. Our approach is both organic and cutting-edge, incorporating vintage analog and digital recording tools which lends originality to every project.

In 2008, we expanded our business with Critical Sun Recordings, a production label created to empower musicians and filmmakers with the tools and resources to produce and deliver their creative projects on their own terms.

SMI will be partnering with Contactcreate in 2012 by creating unique audio and video content and artist interviews.


Bubba JonesPresident and CEO
Jim WatkinsCreative Director
Elizabeth O’KeefeDirector of Operations
Jerald CrowserFinance Director
David ChenLegal Counsel