Music Aid Northwest

Music Aid Northwest is an an organization that is passionate and committed to to helping further the cause of music education throughout the state of Washington.

Music Aid Northwest has ben involved in several music events such as Play it Forward IPlay it Forward II and Play it Forward III. Those events have raised over $10,000.00 for Music Matters. In addition, Music Aid Northwest and Music Matters have been involved with Synergia Northwest and The Critical Sun Records Pub Crawl that took place this past summer. In addition, Music Aid Northwest participated in The My Seattle Night Out Jammin’ Challenge this past year.

Music Aid Northwest’s efforts lead to the signing of House Bill 1329 which makes it possible to create and sell “Music Matters” special license plates to benefit music education programs in state schools. You can read more about that here.

SMI is passionate about music education and covers as many events as possible that Music Aid Northwest is involved in. In addition, SMI participates in planning and promotion for events that involve Music Aid Northwest. You can hear my interview with Music Aid Northwest President Bob Tomberg here.

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