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Timber! 2014 passes will be available on Rocktober 15th

The Helio Sequence at Timber! 2013 (Photo by Greg Roth)

The Helio Sequence at Timber! 2013 (Photo by Greg Roth)

The 1st annual Timber! Outdoor Music Festival was deemed a resounding success. Timber! 2014 promises to be even bigger than ever. Those of you planning your 2014 festival itinerary will want mark your calendars as the first ever Timber! Passes go on October 15th at 10am

The festival offers a robust and eclectic lineup, along with a menu of live and organic interactive activities for adults and children of all ages. Some of extra circular actives included in the festival package are Hiking Trails, Stargazing, Mountain Biking and more. For more details, go here. 

Some of us had the opportunity to go last year and we had a blast. Check out some of the photos below. We will definitely be putting this event down as one to cover. As if that isn’t enough, the good folks at Artist Home are putting on another unique concert going experience this winter. You may want to make a trip to REI to get some warm weather gear for the 1st annual Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival. The regular tickets for Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival will go on sale October 22nd at 10am.

The Timber! Pass is your opportunity to secure tickets to both Timber! Outdoor Music Festival (July 24 -26, 2014) and Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival (January 10 -11, 2014) at a special 15% discount from regular ticket price.  That’s right, tickets to two great festivals for only $85

But, you’ll want to hurry, there are a limited number of these special passes available.

In addition to discounted tickets to both Timber! events, The Timber! Pass also gets you other cool perks, including: 

  • Opportunity to purchase Timber! Outdoor Music Festival Premium accommodations before they’re available to the general public
  • Opportunity to purchase up to two (2) extra tickets to Timber! Outdoor Music Festival before they’re available to the general public
  • Invitation to a Timber! Pass exclusive party at a time and location TBD in 2014
  • Exclusive invitations and special offers throughout 2014
  • Exclusive Timber Pass Merit Badge!!



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