Trick Candles Debuts Twinkling New Single “241”

Trick Candles (Photo by RAD Creative)

Nostalgia can be powerful medicine when it comes to synth-pop, and Seattle based band Trick Candles knows how to manifest that potent drug – but not without the addition of their own flair and style. Arriving with a crisp pop sound reminiscent of Alvvays, yet combined with hints of new wave revival projects like Twin Shadow (with a splash of Cyndi Lauper, for the actual 80’s reference), Trick Candles speaks on young love with their brand new single, “241.”

The production on this track is gloriously clean, showing the prowess of renowned producer Martin Feveyear (The Presidents of the United States of America, Mudhoney, Queens of the Stone Age). Drummer Scott Langdon drives the song forward right from the first few seconds; not to be left behind, the bass guitar (employed by Alyssa Martini) gallops at an energetic mid-tempo rhythm as a springy, wiggly, and memorable guitar hook brings a carefree vibe to the opening moments of “241.” Guitarists Nick Wertz and Robbie Luna trade-off between this and channeling an overdriven, almost metal guitar sound with several fiery lead licks and fills here, providing just enough movement on top of a track that feels great at a steady pace.

Singer Prisilla Ray exudes a bubbly brightness on “241,” providing some sparkly and passionate vocals that relentlessly draw the listener in. Notable here are some very strong backup vocals as well, presented in a group setting during the ending chorus – Trick Candles is very good at stacking vocals on vocals, and lead riffs on lead riffs, creating a delicately woven tapestry of tracks that are complex but do not step on one another. Before that, however, the band sneaks in a nice change in dynamic mid-song, as “241” drops to the floor, only to crescendo into the aforementioned epic conclusion with the help of a fuzzed-out, enveloping synth.

Trick Candles will release their EP Pretend We’re Alone on April 28th at the Sunset Tavern with a stellar release party lineup, consisting of psychedelic dance-rockers Fruit Juice and local powerhouse dreamcatchr. Check out “241” below, or on their Soundcloud.

Paddy Moran is an active musician and participant in the bustling Seattle music scene. When not discussing his extreme distaste for eggs (any style), Paddy can usually be found fumbling around, looking for lost personal items and accoutrements. Have you seen his backpack? It was right here a minute ago; someone must have moved it. In his personal life, Paddy requires almost constant, near-24/7 audial stimulation, which explains both his undying love for new music and why he won't just stop talking already. Oh, there's my backpack. I mean his.