Welcome In, Are You Ready?: The Word Alive @ SODO

Photo: Mocha Charlie

The Word Alive has played dozens of shows over the past few years, criss-crossing the globe, promoting their latest EP, Hard Reset, (released Aug ’23), and fans in Seattle were finally able to see and hear them perform some songs off that release here last Sunday on Mother’s Day at Showbox SODO. What was originally supposed to be held at The Showbox, the event sold out so quickly that they made the decision to switch venues in order to allow more fans to see the show. (This is not always the case, so fans should be grateful they were able to make that happen.) They are currently wrapping up dates with Memphis May Fire and Nerv, supporting Asking Alexandria’s, “All My Friends”, North American tour. Although they played second in the night’s lineup, fans were at the ready with the venue being near capacity by the time they took the stage.

The majority of their, (albeit unfortunately short), setlist for this tour did include songs off their new EP, to which seeing and hearing them performed live definitely made the crowds go wild. The crowd’s energy was non-stop, although it was elevated to the max when they played their song, Life Cycles, (released over a decade ago), when the crowd became more alive with bursts of energy, as intense as big waves in the ocean. It was then that more than a dozen fans were elevated above the crowd and surfed their way toward the barricades. To the (not so) thrilled security team than lined the pit, hat higher energy then continued until the band left the stage.

According to Zach Hansen, (band co-founder and lead guitarist), the band is writing and playing some of their best stuff released to date. “These songs are ones we’ve always wanted to do”, said Hansen, and he explained that releasing them now felt right. They are in fact finding themselves doing some of the best things they’ve ever done, and sharing their passion for the music they create is evident in their new music. Mirroring that passion, Tyler (Telle) Smith, paused briefly during their song, One Of Us, to shout out, “Live music is the best thing on Earth!”.

The new EP not only showcases the band’s growth and massive talent but it also includes five songs featuring other artists, (Loveless, Bad Omens, Escape The Fate, Normandie, and From First To Last), to which seamlessly and flawlessly make great additions. They are very proud of what their catalog contains, and the evolution of their sound they’ve been able to create. Hard Reset, is a culmination of that and moving forward. Hansen says they have even more content that will match its energy and sound. Fans will have to wait on what’s next, as no major announcements have been made…yet.

Mocha Charlie is an amazing photographer who has a real passion for music. She covers and shoots several shows per month in and around the region. She a brilliant photo journalist but most importantly, she is also a mother who does her best to balance out her life and live it to the fullest. Mocha Charlie uses her passion and talent to support the community, her friends and family any way that she can.