SMI Radio Ep. 18 On Demand: Wheedle’s Groove

As I continue on my journey covering the music scene in Seattle and beyond, I continue to marvel at the talent and artistry that our city and community produces. It is truly a privilege and blessing to cover some of the best musical talent that stacks up as some of the best in the world. When it gets down to choosing SMI Artist of the Month it is always a difficult decision. I try to keep the bar high. Being an SMI Artist of the Month is not about record sales, chart position or mainstream success. Hopefully, these artists will eventually achieve this. Wheedle’s Groove’s legacy is so powerful and this project involves so many great artists and bands that have performed throughout the region for decades that they deserve the SMI Artist of the Month moniker for both September and October.

What this is about is artistry, a strong body of work and creating interesting music, regardless of what the genre of music is. It is my honor to select this group of artists that comprise an amazing collective called Wheedle’s Groove. This group of musician’s wowed the Bumbershoot audience on September 4th 2010.

In my humble opinion, if there was a band or artist that owned the day in terms of buzz, heart and soul it would be this group. Mayor Mike McGinn proclaimed this day, “Wheedle’s Groove Day” but they did not own the day because of a proclamation, they owned the day because of their talent, passion and authenticity. When one sees this group of musicians and singers perform, one doesn’t just hear the music, on feels the music as well.

Great music, will make the hair on your arms stand up. Great music will make you connect with fellow members of the human race. Great music will make you lauph, cry and celebrate life and most of all great music will allow you to touch the face of God or whatever you chose to call your higher power.

Congratulations to Wheedle’s Groove for being chosen SMI Artist of the Month. It is just a small token of our appreciation for the wonderful music that you have shared with us throughout the community for several decades. For them, I truly believe that the best is yet to come.

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