SMI Radio Episode 114 On Demand: Lemolo

Lemolo at Critical Sun Studios (Photo: Jason Tang)

SMI Radio host Greg Roth with Lemolo’s Meagan Grandall and Adrian Centoni (Photo: Jason Tang)

Lemolo’s last effort, The Kaleidoscope, released in 2013, was a critical success and one of our favorite releases of the year. The follow up, Red Right Return, has been highly anticipated by fans and press alike.

I have heard the new disc, and it is a brilliant collection of highly addictive, progressive, dream-pop ditties. After a few listens, it is obvious that Meagan Grandall has grown as a songwriter, arranger and musician. On the newest record, the songs and arrangements are more complex, and the soundscapes more lush. Seattle Rock Orchestra and SISTERS’ very own Emily Westman performed on the new record and, along with Grandall, put together a heavier sound while still maintaining the trademark Lemolo sonic tapestry and dreamy vibe.

Grandall’s musical journey has taken her on an interesting path that has led her to discover her true voice, which is beautifully on display on Lemolo’s newest release.

Lemolo will celebrate the release of their new disc, Red Right Return on Friday, November 6 at 8:00 p.m. at an all-ages show at The Crocodile. Also on the bill is the amazing Maiah Manser and Mimicking Birds.

Tickets for the show are available here.

For our first SMI Radio episode of the fall season, we welcome Lemolo into Critical Sun Studio who will talk about Red Right Return, and perform a few songs from the record. Lemolo’s Grandall and drummer Adrian Centoni talk about the evolution of the sound and songwriting, as well as some of the distinctions between their newest record and the highly touted release, The Kaleidoscope.

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