Dropkick Murphys and Rancid: The Boys Are Back

Rancid and Dropkick Murphys performing at WaMu Theater (Photo by Alex Crick)
Rancid performing at WaMu Theater (Photo by Alex Crick)

It looks like the boys are back (after a year and a half hiatus)!! Dropkick Murphys and Rancid returned to the WaMu Theater with the acts co-headlining the Boston To Berkeley II Tour (the original occurred in 2017).  Fans braving a crisp October evening would be in for an energetic night as these two legendary punk bands brought down the house.

“What’s up Seattle!?” frontman Matt Caughthran of The Bronx yelled before kicking off the evening with a spirited performance that got the crowd pumped up and ready to go. They did an admirable job of opening the show.

Irish folk song “Danny Boy” drifted from the speakers as the Celtic punk rockers Dropkick Murphys’ name appeared on a screen behind the stage.  Things took off immediately as front-men Al Barr and Ken Casey kicked it off with their 2012  hit “The Boys Are Back.”    The band played a variety of songs spanning their twenty five year career including “The State of Massachusetts” and “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.”  The Boston band got good news in the middle of the set as they announced that the Boston Red Sox had beaten the New York Yankees, thereby securing the team’s spot in the playoffs.

Finally it was the West Coast’s turn as California punk rock legends Rancid took the stage.  Sporting a massive beard, frontman Tim Armstrong kicked off their set off with 1995’s hit “Radical Roots.”   The band, which has over 30 years of hits, jumped and strutted around the stage like old pros.  They seamlessly incorporated songs from their early years such as 1994’s “Radio” and “Salvation” to 2013’s “Fall Back Down” and 2017’s “Ghost of a Chance.”  The fans loved it, and the venue floor was immediately overtaken by a giant circle pit full of folks thrashing and rocking out to the music.  As the evening winded down the band ended with two fan favorites: “Time Bomb” and “Ruby SoHo.”  It was an exciting night and invigorating for all who attended.

Alex Crick is a Seattle based freelance photographer specializing in music photography. His interest in photography began as a school project in the early-90′s, when he also attended many live music shows. Eventually, he combined these two interests by conveying the power and excitement of live music through the eye of the camera. Over the years, he’s traveled all over the country photographing live musical acts. You can find samples of his work in SPIN, Billboard, Esquire. View his work here