Melodic Caring Project

Simply put, the Melodic Caring Project brings the gift and joy of music by streaming live concerts to hospitalized kids and teens via UStream.

Their Mission…

Music is effective. It has the power to transform one’s demeanor from depressed and discouraged to joyful and lighthearted. I’ve seen sick, injured and even terminal patients smile and relax.

MCP is driven by the husband and wife team of Stephanie and Levi Ware. They have seen first-hand that people from other cultures and ethnicities respond to songs with lyrics they couldn’t even understand because music can be felt and understood.

It is a proven fact that music crosses both language and culture; it crosses the boundaries of belief and upbringing. Music is a universal medicine suitable for treating any ailment whether physical, mental or psychological.

There are two things That MCP believes to be profoundly effective, healing and encouraging:
(1) People showing genuine love and compassion to one another, and
(2) Music

The mission of the MCP is to bring these two together and share them with people in need.

Company Overview…

The MELODIC CARING PROJECT is a registered 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit which aims to bridge the gap between technology, live music and patient-artist relationship in being the first unified network of musicians streaming live concerts to kids and teens in the hospital.

Unlike other complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) programs, the MELODIC CARING PROJECT’S model meets a real and pressing needin the market for new innovative approaches to music therapy offering ease, accessibility and comfort to those suffering from serious illness, especially those quarantined and/or suffering from immunodeficiency.

Revenues generated by donations, grants, sponsorships, merchandise sales etc., will be re-distributed in the form of music to provide therapy, hope and empowerment to those suffering from serious illness

Melodic Caring Project concerts have streamed live shows, Northwest Festivals such as Northwest LoveFest, clubs and Seattle Living Room Shows (Also an SMI Partner.) SMI also believes that music has the power to bring people of all races, creeds, colors and religions together through the power of music. We are proud to be aligned with an organization such as Melodic Caring Project because they share our core values and make a positive impact on a childs life and the community as a whole.

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