SMI New Music Preview: ‘Go Find Your Own’ by Pony Time

by Timmy Held

I’m convinced that Seattleites Luke Beetham and Stacy Peck, AKA Pony Time, are not from the present. Okay, so yeah, not really, because they were born in the past like everyone else and since I’ve typed, and you’ve read the first sentence and what I referred to as the present is now the past and blah blah, let’s not get all Looper here, ok?

The point is, Pony Time sounds like something I would expect to hear in a dingy New York City club in the late-1970’s. Don’t go lumping them in with throwback garage rock bands of the early 2000’s, though. Pony Time is 100% original and temporally relevant. This is especially apparent on their second release Go Find Your Own, put out February 19th 2013 on Per Se Records

(Photo by Emily Denton)

(Photo by Emily Denton)

I don’t want to get too pretentious here and talk about the maturity and growth of the band’s sound since their first Self-titled release in 2011, but boy, has their sound grown and matured since 2011. OK, not really, but this is a good thing. It’s only been two years since Self-titled, so a drastic redefining of sound would have been awkward. No, Pony Time is right where they need to be with their gritty, abrasive, fuzzy, and arguably more-punk-rock-than-anything- claiming-the genre-style. But don’t take it from me. Go HERE and listen to Go Find Your Own!

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