Gemini Syndrome Makes Triumphant Return To Seattle

Gemini Syndrome at El Corazon (Photo by Mocha Charlie)
@254mochacharlie Gemini Syndrome at El Corazon (Photo by Mocha Charlie)

After last performing in the PNW wayyyyyyy back in 2016 as part of KISW’s Pain In The Grass lineup out at White River Amphitheater, Gemini Syndrome FINALLY came back to Seattle on Wednesday night. Even if they were just part of a line up, (not headlining, and even though it was at El Corazon, if you know, you know), it was a triumphant return nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong, they have toured quite a bit over the past seven years (sans Covid months), but their stops just didn’t quite make it back here. I spoke with the band after the show, and they said it’s mainly because the majority of festivals happen in the center of the country, and since they do get booked at a lot of those, they structure shows more around those cities. The four corners of the US usually get neglected, (so San Diego, Maine and Southern Florida – you get the idea) and are in the same predicament as us here in Seattle.

Having been one of my favorite band discoveries back in 2012, I got a chance to see Gemini Syndrome live in 2013 and again in 2014, (both at El Corazon), on the heels of their first full length album, LUX, and I was hooked. Then I finally got to see them perform on a different stage in 2016 (outside, hooray!), promoting their second album, Momento Mori, and I knew I was definitely a part of their “Synner Society” (their name they use for their fans, as well as their website). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to their music over the years, but it’s a lot. They have been a part of my “go-to” playlists time and time again.

I’ve never considered that a band’s “most popular” song is what ever tracks with the masses. According to online data as of this article, “Stardust” (from LUX) currently holds that title. But my thought is that it should be whatever YOU feel is your most favorite song, one that you listen to the most. For me, that’s got to be “Syndrome” (also from LUX), and it gets the most plays on my devices of all of their songs released by far. I find myself starting with it, time and time again. And, I know I’m “doing it wrong”, because their album track lists are actually not meant to be shuffled or played out of order per sé, as they are more sequential. Their albums, in order, create a timeline. They are meant to be listened to as more of a story, one song at a time, one after the other. (They aren’t written in order, by any means, but each album is a concept, once they have them finished, they put them in an order that makes sense out of the “concept” they are trying to convey. Album one, LUX (’13), was new beginnings, album two, Momento Mori (’16), is the revolution, and their latest, 3rd Degree – The Raising (’21), is your/our transformation. The lyrics have deep meaning, both in words and symbolism. Drummer Brian Steele Medina is the artist behind all of their iconic artwork and designs. The band, led by frontman/lyricist Aaron Nordstrom, works together to bring to life in the songs we all hear. A few members have come and gone over the years, but bassist Alesssandro Paveri has held strong as their bassist since the beginning, and newly added guitarist Miguel Meegs” Rascón, (who joined, “Because I love those guys!”) joined in 2017 and rounds out their current lineup.

For Gemini Syndrome’s live shows, set lists obviously can’t be played in order of the albums’ production. They choose a number of them based on what they want to play, and what makes sense for the time they have on stage. This tour, since they aren’t headlining, they do have smaller set lists, and include more newer songs than old since this tour is hitting more cities that have yet to see those from their most recent releases performed live. Their latest singles, “Primordial” (released this past June), “Wake Up” (released last month), and “Conquistador” (available as of publication of this article), show that their story is not finished. These tracks are to be a part of their fourth studio album which they hope will be released in February, according to Medina. The first three albums were meant to be a trilogy, so I asked Medina what they were planning for the next release. “It’s going to be an origin story. When you release a trilogy, and you think, what does a movie series do next? They a lot of times do a prequel. Like Wolverine did Logan. So we are going back to before the beginning.” Nordstrom elaborated on this by saying “I tapped into raw emotions for the next one. I brought out my youthful angst along with experiences I’ve had while walking the path to get to where we are”. He has also been doing his own pre and postproduction work for the past few years, (for the band and other projects), so he is looking forward to what that new skill set will bring to the table.

In 2024, fans of Gemini Syndrome can not only look forward to the new album, but they will also a tour to promote it. The band members are all at a point where they don’t want to be on the road all year but want to continue to get to as many fans as possible. Be on the lookout for their name to be included among festival line ups throughout the year, as well as some headlining shows, and perhaps jumping on other bands’ tours too. They currentlyoperate out of the Las Vegas area, so if you live in a city near there, you will more than likely see more shows pop up in that region. Whether or not they plan a stop here in Seattle is still unknown. They do say they’d like to play a different venue next time though. I’m not picky in the least. I did tell them that as long as they stop here, I don’t care where that may be. Seeing them somewhere is much better than seeing them nowhere. I also let them know that if they don’t make it here, I’ll make a plan to go there…wherever that may be.

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