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SMI Radio Ep. 75 On Demand: Daydream Vacation and Seven Dials (Photo Slideshow)

Daydream Vacation and Seven Dials (Photos by Marlon Schaeffer and Greg Roth)

Electronic pop duo Daydream Vacation creates infectious beats and textures – courtesy of singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and producer Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite) and drummer Nat Damm (Akimbo and Sandrider). With the sweet and etherial vocal styling of Asy de Saavedra (Chaos Chaos formerly Smoosh) soaring over the top, you have all of the ingredients needed make a delicious musical confection.

In this week’s episode of SMI Radio, Dave Einmo visits the studio and we talk via Skype with Asy, who resides in Brooklyn, for a revealing conversation with these two talented artists. Dave and Asy tell the story of how they formed their special musical partnership and their high-functioning bio-coastal collaboration, which results in some infectious ear candy.  We also discuss what goes in to making some of their artsy and fun videos (check out some of them here)

In addition, you will hear some tracks, including their most recent single, The Mirage, off of their most recent effort, Dare Seize The Fire.

Daydream Vacation plays a special show in Seattle at The Vera Project on Friday, November 30th. The following night they will be in Everett to play The Anchor Pub.

Seven Dials is a young talented and creative power trio made up of three siblings – also at the Vera Project this Friday. In the second half of this week’s show, catch the interesting backstage interview with 14-year-old Mia Natas (lead vocals, guitar), Darius Natas (bass, backing vocals) and Damien Natas (drums, piano). They talk about  growing up in a musically nurturing family, their inspirations, and unique musical style. Seven Dials will release their new record, The Malady of Seven Dials, in 2013.

You will also hear a special Christmas song from The HoHoHos.

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